Best Feature In Samsung’s Upcoming Phones!

Recently, Samsung has launched new feature for their smartphones. You might know this but if you don’t, then keep reading the article. Nowadays everyone wants privacy. If it’s for themselves or their data which is stored in their devices, everyone wants it to be private. As a solution of this problem, samsung has launched new feature which is available in recently launched phones A71 and A51. Our photos, videos and work releted private information should be kept secret, we everyone wants this. In this feature if you add your information in privacy store it will be saved in your device only, not in cloud store. And Samsung’s privacy service is much better than most other companies. To use this feature, you just have do little stuff in settings. Then you just have to switch QUICK SWITCH BUTTON twice.

So how can it be useful?
If you are asked to give your phone to your Boss in your office to check your work. All you have to do is just switch QUICK SWITCH BUTTON twice.
No one can see your private datas. This feature is usefull in many ways.

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