Best Buds To Buy In 2020! Everything You Want To Know About Buds!

After Apple launched Airpods, each and every smartphone company  launched it’s own buds. If you want buy buds or something you have lots of options. It becomes hard to choose what to buy. So, we have tried to gather all the information about newly launched buds. So that you can approach the best buds for you.

1.Apple Airpods

Airpods 2:


Physically, the AirPods 2 are an exact duplicate of the first AirPods.Apple’s second-generation AirPods feature the H1 chip. With its power management and Bluetooth 5 capabilities, it’s clearly a cousin to the W1 found in the first AirPods. Like the W1, the H1 chip helps provide five hours of music listening time (you get a total of 24 hours with the case) but talk time increases to three hours — roughly 50 percent more than with the original AirPods.

Airpods Pro:


Airpods pro has smart noise cancellation system, which has revolutionized the headphone industry.  The noise cancellation is adjusted at 200 times per second so you always enjoy distraction-free music. You can also make conversations with Apple Siri through Airpods Pro. Do you get annoyed when people keep their earbuds in while talking to you? With AirPods Pro, they’re not really being rude. With transparency mode, users can hear what’s going on around them with just a press of a button. And last amazing thing about Airpods pro is it is water resistance.


2. OnePlus Bullets

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z:

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The Bullets Wireless Z are the third pair of wireless earphones from OnePlus. A replacement to the excellent Bullets Wireless 2 from last year, the Bullets Wireless Z are meant to be a more affordable option, while matching the design and features of its predecessor.The Bullets Wireless Z are the cheapest wireless set from OnePlus so far. It costs only Rs. 2000 in India.Bullets Wireless Z supports Bluetooth 5.0. You can have your phone be in the next room and the connection holds fine even through thick brick walls. If you have a direct line of sight, you can go as far as the claimed 10m. The shape of the earbuds is also superbly done as it perfectly fits the contours of your inner ear.

3.Galaxy Buds

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These little Buds are light,unobtrusive, and they fit perfectly in the contours of ears. There’s a small ergonomic rubber tip that helps them seal completely against the ear. So, sound isolation is effective as well, and it actually beats a lot of the noise-cancelling earphones out there. Pairing to any Bluetooth device is smooth and smart.Tiny touch pads on the sides of the shells allow you to play/pause, skip conduct calls and activate your voice assistant.


Realme Buds Air Neo:

realme buds air neo review fonearena 1024x680 1

The realme Buds Air Neo features the R1 True Wireless Chip Neo and there is support for Google Fast Pair which means the Buds Air Neo pairs faster with your phone. It has a smart touch operation like, if you tap two times on the buds, it will play/pause the song, if you tap thrice on buds, it will change the song to next. It has 3 other touch operations.The Buds Air Neo features 13mm drivers and the company says that the large sound unit uses high-quality polyurethane and titanium. It supports SBC and AAC but there is no support for LDHC or aptX audio codec. Battery life of this buds is average. But it is a very good option because of it’s affordable price.

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