How Does Alexa Work? How To Use It? Ever Thought?

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in this world. One of it’s best brands is Alexa,a virtual assistant AI technology. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. Ever thought, How It works? Till Date,3 generation of Alexa have been launched. They come up with new features in every generation. We will discuss about every generation and how does it work??

1st Generation:

Generation 1

First of all we need to download the Amazon Alexa App. And you must have an account on Amazon.Then do the following steps.

  1. Turn on Amazon Echo (1st Generation). Plug the included power adapter into Amazon Echo (1st Generationand then into a power outlet. …
  2. Connect Amazon Echo (1st Generation) to a Wi-Fi network. Follow the guided instructions in the app to connect Amazon Echo (1st Generation) to a Wi-Fi network. …
  3. Talk to Alexa.

2nd Generation:

2nd Generation

The second-generation Echo Plus has increased back volume and a larger subwoofer at 3 inches. … Both the first- and second-generation Echo Plus devices let you adjust the treble and bass with your voice. They also both have a 3.5 mm audio output jack, which allows you to connect a more powerful speaker to your Plus.

3rd Generation:

3rd Generation

Echo (3rd gen) comes with new premium speakers powered by Dolby to play 360° audio with crisp vocals and dynamic bass response. Use your voice to ask for any song, artist, or genre, and stream music from Amazon Prime Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Spotify and Hungama Music.

Now, How does it work?

The small computer in Amazon Echo can perform various tasks and recognizing “Alexa” word. But this is not actual brain behind Alexa. “Alexa” is the wake work for Amazon Echo. Whatever you say to echo is sent to Amazon. They process the voice with the help of AVS(Alexa Voice Services). This converts the recording into commands that it interprets. But first you need to have an “Amazon Alexa App” in your smartphone, the link is given-

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