Today, use of technology has increased.  You must have heard about radio and you must heard  radio in your mobile or old radio. So you have a question that how does radio work?  So let’s get information about that.

How to Work Radio?

So all of you must have seen the old radio. You can see the old radio in the picture given below.

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In the old era, ie before 1978, people used radio in more evidence and not only the latest news, but also cricket score or any song heard through radio  and even today radio is used but very less.

Let’s see Something different & new interesting things about the radio . What the wave length & how transfer the frequency.

There is a capecitor inside the radio, it is a little technical but you will understand it very easily. So whenever one kind of wave is released from a station, which is, you also know that the radio wave length is 87 MHz is up to 108 MHz. When you have your radio tuning at a station, as example you put your radio in a station, that is, very known & famous radio stations 91.1 and 98.1 happen, let’s assume that I have pointed radio at 91.1.  So what will happen that the wave length coming from the station matches with the radio, that is, the resonance frequency increases greatly and you can listen to the song at the same station. At this time you can’t listen another radio station because the resonance frequency is very high for that particular station which we selest so at that time weo ly listen one radio station not the other one. Now you will have another question that whenever you listen to radio in mobile phones, why would there be a need for earphones?

Q. Why earphones are needed for listening to radio in mobile?

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A. Mobile phones are being used a lot today. Today there are many types of phones available in the market, some of them have Antenna inbuilt and some are not . You do not need to install earphones in which the phone has an antenna.  because radio signals are available to pass through antenna, due to which there is no need to do anything else.  But in a phone that does not have an inbuilt antenna, we need to install the antenna outside and our lovely earphone works like an antenna for this phone .So that the radio freqvancy catches and we can listen the radio in our mobile phone comfortably.  The length of the earphone is about 1m so that we can listen the radio comfortably without interruption.And that is why the earplug are needed for listening go radio in mobile phone.

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