Nokia announces Best Generational step in Data Center Networking!!!

Nokia announces generational step in data center networking; new OS and tools give cloud builders unprecedented ability to adapt, automate and scale

Nokia has redefined data center fabrics. Nokia launches a new and modern Network Operating System (NOS) and a declarative, intent-based automation and operations toolkit. This will allow cloud and data center builders to scale and adapt operations in the face of year-over-year exponential traffic growth and constant change brought on from technology shifts like 5G and Industry 4.0. The new Nokia Service Router Linux (SR Linux) NOS and Nokia Fabric Service Platform (FSP) were co-developed with leading global webscale companies, including Apple, who is deploying the technology at its data centers.

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On July 9, Nokia launched a whole new era in data center networking. Tour the data center network of the future with Rudy Hoebeke and his team of IP ...

Nokia SR Linux is an open Linux-based NOS that gives you a flexible and consumable foundation to support data center networks at scale. And with the Nokia Fabric Services Platform (FSP), you get a declarative, intent-based toolkit to automate your data center network operations. So, you can manage data center growth and the accelerating demand for distributed cloud-based applications the way that best suits you.

  • Nokia improves data center networking for all cloud builders – webscale companies, service providers and enterprises – empowering them to rapidly design, deploy, adapt and automate data center network fabrics at massive scale to keep up with increasing business demand from 5G and Industry 4.0.
  • Apple is an early adopter of the innovative technology, deploying the solution within its cloud operations in its data centers.
  • Nokia redefines openness, application development flexibility, robustness and operational tools for rapidly building and confidently operating data center networks at scale.

=} On July 9th, the world of data center  networking changed forever. Nokia  launched a new Data Center Fabric  solution and handed cloud builder networking teams a truly open network operating system (NOS) and a whole new  NetOps toolbox.

About Nokia :

  • Nokia creates the technology to connect the world. Only Nokia offers a comprehensive portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing opportunities across the globe. With their commitment to innovation, driven by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs, they are a leader in the development and deployment of 5G networks.
  • Their communications service provider customers support more than 6.4 billion subscriptions with their radio networks, and their enterprise customers have deployed over 1,300 industrial networks worldwide. Adhering to the highest ethical standards, they transform how people live, work and communicate. For their latest updates, please visit their online site and follow them on Twitter @nokia.


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