How does the Internet work?

Three companies are involved in the service of internet. The Internet connects the world through optical cable / When a bandwidth of a single optical cable with is 100 / It connects two countries with each other. The whole world is connected with these kind of optical cables.

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          Tier 1 company sets these cables all over the world. Now Tier 2 companies like Jio, Vodafone, Idea etc. companies access internet in different areas of the country.

Why is internet speed gets less often?

Suppose a company has set up it’s tower in your area and the bandwidth of that tower is 100 GB. Now suppose that there are 20 users of that operator in that area, now each user will have a speed of 5GB/Sec. In short, the more users company has, the less speed user get.

Is the internet free or paid?

The internet is free, but the companies that brings it to you, they charge money from you for the maintenance of the cable. The Tier 1 company which puts optical cable in the sea, the money received by them is used as maintenance if cables .

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