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Today,Making Money is not a tough task to do. Still,there are many people who don’t know how to do so? There are so many ways to make money online. I’ve already written an article on ideas to make money online. In this article, I’m going to tell you, how can you make money online by just writing on what you like. I have found some websites, which will pay you for your article or your survey. These websites are the ones that pay bigger sums to make it more worth your time. So here we go!!


  • Respondent is a service that facilitates consumer research studies online and in-person with an average PAYOUT OF $140 AN HOUR
  • Once you create your account, you will be able to browse all the open studies you MIGHT QUALIFY FOR
  • The research brief will tell you the types of people,the company is looking to connect with,along with your TIME COMMITMENT AND PAY RATE

2.User Interviews

  • User Interview facilitates in-person and online consumer conversations about PRODUCTS,WEBSITES, AND SERVICES. The pay rates vary by company and length,but ranged from $25 for 30 minutes and went as high as $200 for an hour, But the average seems be around $50 an hour.
  • A screener survey for a chat about millennial financial decisions, which would have paid a $75 amazon gift card for 1-hour conversation.


  • Surveyfeeds isn’t a market research company itself,but instead a PROMISE ‘FEED’ OR PAID SURVEY opportunities around the country and online.
  • The studies I saw ranged from $75 to $300.

4.Survey Squad

  • Survey squad is a unique aggregator of paid focus group and SURVEY OPPORTUNITIES.
  • The big money lies in their curation of actual consumer research studies, which may be specified to particular locations or conducted over the phone.
  • The ‘real’ consumer studies are the ones that pay $50 to $250 in cash,check,or visa gift cards,not survey squad points.


  • Mindswarms is a unique video consumer research platform that will pay  you $50 via Paypal to answer 7 questions about a product and service.
  • These studies normally take around 10 minutes and can be recorded via your webcam or smartphone.

Hope you will visit these sites once. Share with your friends who want to make money online.

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