JioMeet!! Alternative To Zoom Cloud??

Today Zoom Cloud is the best Video Communication Company. Zoom has around 13 Million monthly active users. There’s no doubt that, nothing can be as good as this app. Recently Reliance Industry has launched “JioMeet” as an alternative to Zoom. Well, Reliance’s chairman Mukesh Ambani is 9th richest person in the world and he is doing everything he wants. Right now, it is not as impact able as zoom, but there a chance that, all Jio Users in India will use this app from now. Because Jio is providing Internet Service at very very low price. In India the cost of 1GB is 0.09$ only, which is much less than any other countries.

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Process of joining meeting is as smooth as zoom. We can say, it has same features that Zoom has. But, as this is just a beginning for JioMeet,  they need some improvements. Keep reading to know what problems I had while using it for the first time.

Preview of JioMeet

  • It is consuming more data and battery as compared to any other app.
  • The audio and video quality is good but other features like screen share needs an Improvement.
  • It does not have any option to raise hand, to chat in private which is very essebtial.
  • Waiting room requests are having issues when I enter a waiting room sometimes.
  • The PC Version is very laggy  and not smooth enough.
  • The private chat option should be able available.
  • White Screen Should be available for teachers to explain theorems properly.
  • Notification bar is not hidden while meeting.
  • Sometimes stucks on the “enter password” screen which appears before joining the meeting .
  • Even after typing the password and pressing ‘OK’ multiple times, I am not able to join the meeting, only cancel button works.

These are few drawbacks ,if these are solved then it will become the best alternative to zoom cloud.As MakeInIndia is now on trending, we have chance to contribute in it. I’m giving you a link below to download it from play store:      


Watch On Youtube


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