“Mitron” Is Restored On Play Store!! Check it out now!!

During You Tube and Tik Tok Controversy was trending in India,”Mitron” was launched in India by an IIT Student. Which got 5 million + downloads within a month of launch. Google had some issues with this app, so they took the app down. Before few day, we found that “Mitron” is restored on Play Store. I used this app and I’m going to let you know some experiences of me with this app.

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This app is just like Tik Tok, you can create crazy vedios on this platform.But, after using this I felt that it’s not as comfortable as I thought. While using this application I has some following issues.

1.Once you set your profile picture, you can’t update it.

2.You can’t login with Facebook and Email.

3.Your uploaded videos are not being showed in profile section sometimes.

4. Lake of video editing features and effects.

5. Once you post a video, can’t delete that.

6. Lake of sharing option.

7. You can’t choose someone else’s sound in your video.

8. You can’t search any account.

9.If you like one video, it shows that you have likes another 3 videos of that user.

10. Unable to see whom you are following and who are following you.

Screenshot 2020 06 11 20 19 50 67

This is just a beginning for this app. He will improve all the facilities and solve those issues.

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