New Leak Reveals Apple’s iPhone 12 Design,Battery Life And Price!

Leaker, Mr.White sometimes shares accurate information on Apple’s future plans along with pictures or something. Recently, he has leaked some information about upcoming iPhone 12.

While this confirms that range’s move to a more angular new design, he also confirms Face ID will be the same size and, as a consequence, the large notch introduced with the iPhone X in 2017 will not be getting any smaller in 2020.

iPhone 12’s image is also leaked which shows that Apple is sticking with the larger notch on its Pro models as well.The chassis again confirms the angular design Apple will introduce for the range, which takes influence from both the iPhone 4 and the current iPad Pro line-up.

Screenshot 20200810 220014

The iPhone 12 line-up has long looked like a game-changer: great design, massive performance leap, 5G for every model and exciting new camera tech. It seems that apple is about to cross their boundaries.
Apple will have the entire iPhone 12 range with surprisingly small batteries and scrap 120Hz displays, new reveals shows that they will also be more expensive than expected. Particularly for the most popular model.

Apple reseller JinStore has now attained images of Apple’s A14 chipset, which is tipped to deliver a multi-generational leap in performance. The A14 will also be Apple’s first 5nm chip, which will bring greater power efficiency particularly when multitasking.

A14 Chipest

Most notably, all iPhone 12 models will come with 5G, a multi-generational performance leap, a wider range of screen sizes and faster charging. Pro models will also add some radical new camera tech.

Another Leaker, Komiya has claims that Apple has decided to ship it’s new range. Which is given below.

*iPhone 12 – (5.4-inch) – $699 or 52,500 Rs (64GB), $749 or 54,500 Rs(128GB), $849 or 63,700 Rs (258GB)

*iPhone 12 Max (6.1-inch) – $799 or 60,000 Rs (64GB), $849 or 63,600 Rs (128GB), $949 or 72,000 Rs (258GB)

*iPhone 12 Pro (6.1-inch) – $1,049 or 79,000 Rs (128GB), $1,149 or 86,000 Rs (256GB), $1,349 or 1,00,000 Rs (512GB)

*iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch) – $1,149 or 86,000 (128GB), $1,249 or 94,000 (256GB), $1,449 or 1,08,000 Rs. (512GB)

(Note: Above prices in Indain currency are predicted Prices. Apple Inc. is about to move their six manufacturing centres from India to China. If they start manufacturing iPhone 12 series in India, then price will be definately around guessed price. If not, then price will be 8,000 to 10,000 Rs more than guessed price)

Last thing is about Bettety Life. Unfortunately, iPhone 12 series has some bettery issues according to Komiya’s reveal.

Komiya has now confirmed the leaked battery capacities (listed below) for all new iPhone 12 models. One difference, however, is he understands the iPhone 12 Max will receive the 2,815 mAh battery with the iPhone 12 Pro having a 2,775 mAh battery. While the two capacities are almost identical.

If you want to stay updated with Apple’s leaked tech news. I suggest you to follow these both leakers on twitter.



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