Realme’s Crazy Gadgets!!! Check it out now!!

Realme is one of the leading companies in India. Which is providing smart technology to everyone in our country at less price. This company is about to have biggest market in India. Realme has launched it’s various brands worldwide. Realme’s crazy gadgets are recently launched in India,some of these are shown below.

  1. Realme Buds Air



Everyone knows the idea of Buds, You just have to open the cap of it’s box near the phone and your phone gets connected to it.This intelligent system is called wear detection. Once you pair buds with your phone, you don’t have to setup anything else any further.It has a system of wireless charging and R1 chip so that user can have super low latency. It has a smart system that pause/play automatically.  Various types of buds realme has launched, you can buy it online or from the store.


2. Realme TV 


Realme TV

Recently, Realme has launched smart TV, Which has advanced technology working in it.You can watch Netflix,Amazon Prime and You Tube in your TV. Various models has been launched of TV, till Date. Price of this TV is not much and almost affordable for everyone this country,right now. This is the first TV to have Netflix, Amazon Prime and You Tube. This TV may crash other brand’s TV.


3. Realme Wrist Watch


Realme has also launched Smart Wrist Watches, which is one of the best brands of Realme. These watches have health monitor,smart sensor, 14 various sport modes, connectivity with Bluetooth and Buds. It is more efficient than any other brand’s smart wrist watches.


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