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Smart Glasses are wearable computer device.A wearable computer, also known as body-borne computer, is a small computing device worn on the body, like smart wathces and smart ring.

Google was first to launch this new vision of eyewear in 2013 with the introduction of Google Glass Explorer, hoping to build on the popularity of smart watches and other wearable wireless devices.

After this, so many companies started manufacturing smart glasses.Simply, they are an attempt to bring the wireless connectivity and imaging we enjoy on our home computers and cellphones into the frames and lenses of our eyewear.

Some feteures that Google introduced in Their Smart Glasses:

Sound: The speaker for wireless audio inputs and cellphone reception rests on the end of the ear rest(s). Audio is transferred to the ear via bone conduction instead of air conduction through the audio canal.

Smarts: The central processing unit (CPU) computer brain is situated on the arm of one ear rest.

Mic: The microphone for cellphone conversations and hands-free voice searches is perched under one hinge. Most smart glasses today pair the microphone with a micro speaker for audio feedback and notifications, as well as to listen to music and podcasts.

Projector and Prism: Located above the upper part of the lens, this projection method, called curved mirror or curved mirror combiner, offers partially transparent digital displays without obscuring the real-world view. Some manufacturers now offer an alternative version called waveguide holographic optics. The digital overlay of text and images within our field of view is the key that unlocks the smart glasses experience.

Camera: While an obvious feature in our selfie age, the camera lens at the temple of the Google Glasses brought with it an unintended new experience: privacy concerns. Many onlookers weren’t thrilled to in essence be filmed and saved without their permission, a reaction that may have hastened Explorer’s departure. While smart manufacturers now make camera lenses small enough to fit inconspicuously inside the frame of their products, a few, including Focals by North and Vue, now offer camera-less models.

Apple is also going to launch it’s Smart Glasses.It will be available in market after few months.

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