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Everyone knows Elon musk after his announcement of colonizing mars. I’m sure that, one day this guy and SpaceX will definitely take us to the Mars. In just 18 years how valuation of this company reached 36 Billion USD. SpaceX made a history by doing lots of crazy things. Keep reading to know.

Elon Musk Royal Society

Elon Musk


It all started in 2002 when SpaceX was established by Elon Musk. Actually, Elon Musk was an software engineer. He studied about rockets by reading so many books.But he needed one rocket specialist to lead the company. He met Tom Mueller, and started the company.

Tom Mueller

Tom Mueller


Main purpose of this company is to make the space travel cheaper.Till 2002, space exploration was not for private sectors. But after this Elon Musk proved that private sector can also make contribution in space exploration.

SpaceX’s headquarter is in Hawthorne, California,US. Company has a test site in Texas and 4 launch sites. 85% components of rocket are made by SpaceX themselves to reduce the expenses.In the begging, company had only 200 employees, Now they have more than 8000 employees.

In the beginning, they faced so many problems and failures. But after years it became the first company to take the liquid fuelled rocket to the orbital. It is the first private company to launch the spacecraft in orbital and to recover it. It is the first private company to send spacecraft to International Space Station (ISS) in which they brought Cargo for NASA. It is the first company to recover first stage of rocket. It is the first company which is able to launch reusable spacecraft. Not only these, they are doing lots of things and they will keep doing.

Recently On Wednesday, June 3 at 9:25 p.m. EDT, SpaceX launched its eighth Starlink mission. Falcon 9 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

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Falcon 9 Rocket

There’s a very famous quote of Elon Musk: “I didn’t know how to do it, so I failed, I failed and now, I am doing it right”.

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