The best speaker booster app – AmpMp.

This article is about a multiple devices. Do you know what is a multiple? Multiple means connecting from one device to another. The AmpMe app is a music player app. On multiple devices you can watch music and video at the same time. Thus AmpMe lets you turn your friends into portable speakers. With this app you can connect the mobiles of many friends with your mobile.

With this app, you can stream music videos and videos from YouTube, Spotify, Deeper Sound Cloud Play music, or from Your mobiles music library to play the same music or video on multiple devices at once. Those are more phones connected loudly. No friends near you? You have to go to a DJ party at a live party. Do you fall alone You can join your new friends, DJ influencers or strangers around the world remotely by joining a live party with a published playlist for it.
You can join live party with online friends. If you want to connect with these friends you sing in with Facebook or Google. Then you can view their profile and follow them. And they start a party. This way you can roast their song selection in the chat and suggest a new track.
✓ This app you can download on Android device.
✓ Start your own party via YouTube, Spotify, Sound Cloud or your music library or join a party or live party nearby if you don’t feel like hosting.
✓ Now everyone at the party can listen to the same music and watch the same video at the same time.
✓ If you start a party, you are the DJ and everyone else is listening. Can control it.
✓ Guests can also add songs to the party. It’s like a DJ party leader if you want.
✓ chat with friends and respond to music at the party.
✓ When you go on a tour. Then you are traveling in a bus or a train. When you get bored, you can use this app to share and connect with your friends and you can listen to the song all at once.
AmeMp is compatible with smartphones and Bluetooth speaker. ( One phone can detect only one Bluetooth device.)
These multiple devices and Spotify are only available in selected countries.
Make minor music sync bug fixes. And if you have any questions drop the review of send us an email at


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