Tiktok Alternative MX Taka Tak Recently Launched In India

Since the time going on TIK TOK has been banned in India due to the digital war going along with China. After these News, India has increased his Technology in Digital sector and has tried to make Apps like TIK TOK which make people entertain. By taking the advantage of the situation going on , MX Media and Entertainment has introduced a new app named as MX Taka Tak on 9th of July 2020.

MX Taka Tak and TIK TOK has no difference between them. Now talking about the situation of digital war , MX Player Media and Entertainment is an Indian Company which is Successfully running MX Taka Tak. In this App Your Privacy or any other personal data saved will be safe i.e. it will not be leaked socially.

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All the Indian Citizens Can enjoy an ad free Entertainment in MX Taka Tak. MX Media and Entertainment company has designed the MX Taka Tak app in such way that it uses 1/3 of data used by TIK TOK. It takes only the 25 MB storage of your Mobile Phone.

Now talking about the Features of The MX Taka Tak app. The features in this App are included like : Slow motion Video, Fast motion Video, Video Editing, Music can be added on our video as per our Wish, Effects like Dark Fantasy, Dynamic Light wave, Screen Split, Soul Out, etc are there , there are many types of Filters available , even we can control the speed of our edited video, we can Evan make videos through our photos,etc .. The most interesting thing about this App is that we can share the edited video of MX Taka Tak in any social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Download MX Taka Tak App Now.


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