Why Apple is Making More Profit than Any Other Company??

We know that Apple is making more profit than any other company in the world. Apple has 2nd biggest phone market worldwide. Well, Samsung has the biggest phone market worldwide. But why apple is making more profit than any other company?? When we think about any apple brand like Iphone,MacBook or Ipad, first thing that comes our mind is it’s price. And yes, price will be definitely high.  Does apple give more priorities to profits? Answer is definitely  yes. User pay for just it’s name and logo. Keep reading to know.

Let me give you an Example, there are two watches,1st is Titan and 2nd is Rolex. We are not going to discuss which one is better. But when we talk about performances of these  two watches, they might be same. Then why there is a very big price gap? Simple answer is Brand Logo. Rich men will 1000 times more to look different from other people. Just like this Iphone is no more a tech brand, Company has established itself a Premium Lifestyle Brand.And how apple made it? How apple made this reputation in the market?


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Founder Of Apple


Apple has never stepped in budget market, their brands are available in higher segment of the market. When we talk about Samsung, It sells 50$’s Phone to 500$’s Phone, they have affordable brands for everyone. Anyone can buy Samsung’s phone but anyone can’t buy an Iphone. Everyone thought if it’s price is high, it’s performance will also be good. This how they made it. And Now Apple’s valuation is around 1400 billion USD. Yes, Apple brands are so good, but they don’t justify their price.

Another noticeable thing is Apple Eco System, If someone bought iphone, Ipad, And MacBook, there’s a good chance that when he want to change any of  these,  he will go for Apple brand only.

I am not saying, you should not buy Apple brands because, they provide their service very well. The equipment company use in their brands are very premium. Second factor for the price of apple brand is Apple has it’s own operating system. Which is very costly. While other phone companies have android system by google, their price are negligible compared to IOs software like icloud, imusic and many more.

Apple spend lots of money in Research And Development. Well, this why they charge more money.Last thing is about their marketing, they have Apple store in every big cities in the world.The location of Apple store is very premium and they provide free service store. All these things make difference between Apple Brand and Other brands.


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